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  1. Chester Bulinsky says

    Just another great example of why the DEC’s Forest Rangers are New York’s go to team. No disrespect to ECO’s intended

  2. stan says

    It’s great to get ‘the rest of the story’ from the other side. Too often ‘rescue victims’ are assumed helpless, hapless, and unprepared. These ladies were none of those. They are exemplars of who should be using the park. Happy trails to them both.

  3. Patrick Cummings says

    That is a great story with a happy ending because of the professionalism and training of our NY Forest rangers. Your own experience and preparedness also contributed to the outcome.
    Love the Adirondacks!


  4. Sue says

    Joan has a very positive outlook and a huge tolerance for pain. I was with her when she fell on a trail in Colorado in 2014 and broke her wrist in several places. She’s one tough lady. Glad she made it through this misadventure.

  5. Melissa says

    Sounds like you and your friend were exceptionally prepared, level-headed and brave throughout the whole ordeal. Kudos to you both as well as the rescuers and caretakers involved in this incident!

  6. Allie Delventhal says

    With so many stories of rescues of woefully unprepared hikers, this was a positive tale. Kudos to these trekkers for being calm and ready for the emergency. And to the Rangers we are all so indebted. They have our backs like guardian angels. Thank you, thank you!

  7. Nancy Robinson says

    Great story with an even greater ending! Very impressed by the strength and expertise of all involved and especially the determination of the rescuers.
    Glad I was able to read it to the end!

  8. Fred LaRow says

    It’s about time that Rangers involved in rescues such as this one are identified and given credit where due. For too many years the Rangers operated under “gag orders” instituted by political appointees given titles of “Assistant Commissioner ” but hadn’t clue as to what Rangers actually did on a day to day basis!

  9. Joan Farrell says

    Lovely story about how accidents can befall even the most prepared hikers. Two very level-headed women showing us the way. Wonderful example of how essential the Rangers are to those of us, and those we love, who venture into the back country.

  10. Claire Warren says

    What a great story. Well deserved cudos to these hikers, the rangers everyone’s love of our mountains.
    I can think of easier ways to become a 46er and since my MS diagnosis am limited to 3 mile hikes. And I live vicariously through the Adirondack Explorer for the bigger hikes. I have learned of many 3 miles hikes with great vistas from the Explorer.

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