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  1. Kathryn Reinhardt says

    Excellent perspective on the disconnect in grant writing that discounts the small town needs of Adk projects against the funder’s priorities to reach a significant population size or specialty demographic. A suggestion to grant writers to lean in and use different metrics, to paint the picture of towns with one traffic light, hamlets with no three-story buildings, businesses with no elevators, single lane roads between towns that are day’s carriage ride apart (15 miles), against the benefit of improved infrastructure that will preserve the experience of the Park for all New Yorkers. Thank you, Tim Rowland, for this excellent series.

  2. Pat Smith says

    Is there some reason why the property owner would not be responsible for installing a well and septic system on their own lot?

  3. Bill Keller says

    I live in Thurman, Warren county, all homes have their own well and septic systems no infrastructure at all except for a town well that had to be put in for a few houses affected by salt contamination by town highway salt storage. Seems like that’s the way to go. Each homeowner installs their own, no tax burden. 123,000 people live in the Adirondack park. It makes sense that the largest share of grant money would go to the larger cities, more bang for the buck.

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