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  1. Paul says

    Ready to start using more nuclear power and meet climate goals quickly to see if we can slow this down? Or do we just want to keep debating about solar and wind and other non-grid compatible technology?

    • Boreas says

      Agree. Sooner, or most likely LATER, people will realize that modern, modular nuclear power facilities will be an important part of bridging the power gap as fossil fuel use declines. Wind and solar ain’t gonna do it alone, and their appeal will drop as the infrastructure approaches its useful lifetime and needs to be replaced.

      On a separate rant, why don’t we see small solar farms routinely nestled at the bases of windmills? The transmission lines are already there! No reason why the two can’t coexist and reduce the environmental impact with less land clearing for farms and new transmission lines.

      • Mary Newell says

        Maybe not in NY – Cuomo shut down Indian Point when he was in office – the plan is for the 25% of local energy once supplied by Indian Point to be replaced by green energy – once it is developed – there is no plan in place or time line for this. In the meantime, the short fall is made up by fossil fuels and energy bills in the area have tripled or quadrupled.

  2. Brian says

    Most failed dams should not be replaced and the streams and wetlands allowed to return to a natural, pre-dam condition

  3. Alan Reno says

    More nuclear once the Price-Anderson Act of 1957 is overruled. This slop to the industry protects them from nuclear accident liability claims. An up and running nuclear waste storage facility would also be desirable.

  4. Arnold Sabatelli says

    A lot that can be done with relative ease. Upping the MPG requirement for pickup trucks (the largest vehicle segment in the US) would be one place I would start. More incentives for home insulation. Lower speed limits. Not keeping your AC at 70–many supermarkets feel like 65. Then there’s the simple fact that the single biggest personal choice you can make is having fewer children.

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