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  1. nathan says

    Build the trails, let there be opportunities for all to enjoy the parks in a variety of methods and abilities. with millions of acres cutting a few acres of trees is not a significant loss. I would be more towards the eliminating of 2 stroke snowmobiles and reducing pollution. It get rediculous on how much court time and money is wasted on some of these matters.

  2. Gerhardt says

    A applaud Protect the Adirondacks position. To accommodate a small number of people with snowmobiles ,at the expense of preserving wilderness is a poor argument. For anyone who knows snowmobiles , and the people who ride them. It’s generally about the speed , horsepower, and how fast you can get from bar to bar. To justify these roads by saying they will accommodate people that can’t access these areas under their own power is ridiculous.
    There are many other spaces available where these types of activities could be accommodated that are outside the park.
    The philosophical aspect of what the Adirondacks represents is being lost. The noise pollution is something that disturbs me as a hiker.
    Try driving through Old Forge in the winter, the snowmobiles actually think they own the automobile roads.
    The smell is horrendous .The Adirondacks is such a unique and fragile resource. Sadly most are not aware, or interested in its history and environmental value.
    It’s a simple fix , under the Cuomo administration to bring revenue to the area. Maybe if our governor actually cared about upstate NY more sensible, and environmental friendly development would take place.

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