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8 Responses

  1. In my younger days, I often spent at least 30 days per year hunting fishing and camping at Charlie Pond club and Robinwood Park. And used the rail line to access Lake Lila. I am in favor of a Hiking /ATV trail the entire length of the right of way.

  2. Phil Brown says:

    Since posting this article, I have learned that DEC plans to release a draft UMP amendment this fall and finalize it this winter. There will be public hearings.

    • Scott Thompson says:

      The hearings held before were not!
      They were only commenting in person. The presentation by DOT was NOT accurate and the Camoin Associates study was flawed in so many ways. For which ever side of this issue you are on; there needs to be the opportunity to “State, re-butt and conclude” similar to a political debate. A strong moderator can keep it from becoming a slug fest.

  3. Richard Granger Jr says:

    As a property owner within 500 feet of the railroad tracks I would like to see the tracks removed and the rail bed used for hiking and snowmobile access. The rails are so bad and have been for so long its time to remove them.

  4. RayNash says:

    The rails need to stay. Place the trail next to the tracks.

  5. Tommy j Haynes says:

    Leave the rails….they are irreplaceable !

    Tommy Haynes
    Neversink , NY 12765

  6. Rich kozak says:

    Dual use sounds like a great idea. If not possible remove the tracks and make it into a bike trail

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