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  1. Vanessa says

    Aww, so much for a pilot program. I don’t mean to throw AMR under the bus, but I still think it would be better for a private org to try something before the state signs on to a big policy. I wonder if state officials felt the pressure of potential backlash.

  2. toofargone says

    Hiked Sawteeth last weekend up the scenic route and down the Weld trail. Saw only one hiker on the way up the scenic trail, and only 3 trail runners on the way down the Weld trail. Trails are in very good condition. Never seen more AC members/guests parked alongside their rack shamble camps, like everyone else, seeking a brief respite from the madness. However, nothing encountered along Lake Road or on the trails would provide any reasonable basis for the AMR or AC to restrict the use of the public easement over these lands. Claimed overuse and trail degradation is simply pretext to restrict public use. Their numbers add up to nothing. Perhaps the ill-conceived, dangerous and irresponsible pilot crashed and burned when the Honorable members of the AC realized that they faced potential adverse action by the State, and can ill afford to litigate a case they would likely lose in court if they pushed it. No doubt their limited funds, compared to the State’s resources, are better spent on the renovations being made to the grand old AC Clubhouse, and the public can still dream for a moment as they pass along their merry way to the access the natural beauty that awaits.

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