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  1. Vanessa says

    Yeah this is pretty grim, and the projections will keep getting worse until we are truly post-carbon. I feel like a broken record but it bears repeating over and over: this is a political problem. The science is quite clear and our outcomes depend on the choices we make as a society and species. Every single one of us has a role. How fortunate we are that we even have the ability to make choices – our kids and grandkids will have even less so. I wish people remembered that: that it is a privilege, not granted, that we can effect change at all. I hope we all chose to use that privilege.

  2. Wayno says

    Vanessa is exactly right, this is clearly a political issue. The science is simple and universally accepted. it is basically simple Earth Science, grade 9 level. All these politicians using the “I’m not a scientist” excuse are just playing dumb. We either reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gases or we completely transform the planet to where sea level rises, deserts expand and the climate no longer supports life as we know it. In the process winters will disappear and the forests will be transformed. The choice is ours and so far we do not have the political will to do what needs to be done to transform our economy. The future of modern civilization really is at stake. Our Grand children will never understand how we could shirk our responsibility to them and I do not understand it either.

  3. Stuart Alan says

    Bravo on such an informative, well written, and interesting article. I was not aware of all of these facts, but they are impacting our beautiful Adirondacks more each year. This article really hit home, and demonstrated the importance of your publication. Please continue to publish articles like this about how climate change is impacting our region. Finally, the Guardian newspaper now includes a daily report on the rising Carbon Dioxide level in their weather report. By contrast, U.S. papers do not, yet. I have suggested this to the Post Star, but they obviously do not want to be the first paper to do so. I urge your publication to seize this opportunity before your competitors do, and to be the first publication to continuously report on the rising CO2 levels impacting the Adirondacks. Once you do so, forever more you can remind readers and advertisers that you were the first. This badge of honor can never be taken away from you, and will only grow in importance each year. I urge you to grab this opportunity before another publication does so.

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