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  1. Michelle says

    I am very excited about this, it is exactly what i have been looking for! My bf and I are planning an overnight canoe trip in july and looking for easy whitewater so we can bring our dog (i wont take her on class iii). I would love to get names of outfitters that can help us with shuttle. Thanks!

  2. Peter northrup A northrup says

    In the early 80s my best friend and I in an open canoe started at Newcomb past the Indian River and through the gorge. Took out at north creek. Didn’t see anyone for 3 days. Another trip we had to take out at Indian River. Water was to high. Another trip we hiked in to the gorge during the winter. It hit 23 below zero. We had a hard time getting out. My best friend Mike and I. Young and stupid. Getting out we had to cross Indian lake. It was frozen at 2am. We made it. Indian lake was a big part of my life at that time. I think of it often. Over the years we bought the best equipment money could buy in order to run that part of the river. Back then very few people went back in there. We did.

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