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Mike De Socio is a freelance journalist based in upstate New York. He covers cities/communities, climate change and the LGBTQ community.

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  1. Leslie Middleton says

    Come on, no other group? That totally insinuates that Native Americans are the only people that are “mascot-ized,” as you named it making it a racial issue. Convenient to ignore Fighting Irish, Quakers, Pilgrims, Spartans, Norse. Not to mention the many uses of nicknames for groups of people; Tarheels, Hoosiers, Boilermakers, Cowboys or even Friars.

    Before you dismiss these, acknowledge that members of these groups could object to their usage. Some could even make it about racism.

    Fine, if a mascot is insulting replace it. There are plenty of animal names, I prefer Pine Martens. My mascot would be P. Marty. The point is, this shouldn’t be a huge racial issue. Change if you must, but how about we treat each other with respect before we condemn a nickname?

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