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In a career rooted in watchdog reporting, Explorer editor James M. Odato has been cited as one of New York’s top journalists covering state government, gambling, and abuse and waste of public money. He has written thousands of articles, his byline has appeared in numerous national publications and his investigative stories have spurred reforms. As a staff reporter for five daily newspapers, including the Albany Times Union and Buffalo News, Odato has received more than 30 awards from the Associated Press, New York Publishers Association, the New York Legislative Correspondents Association and other media organizations. In 2007, Investigative Reporters and Editors recognized his reporting with the Freedom of Information Award Medal. In October 2021, the University of Massachusetts Press released his book, This Brain Had a Mouth, Lucy Gwin and the Voice of Disability Nation.

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  1. Myrtle witherbee says

    The bowling alley and golf coarse bring lots of money into our town! I think the town of tie or the government should help rebuild this places that the young and old can enjoy why give our money to another town we need it here ! I know a lot of people here in town that will agree with this !!

  2. Sanford Morhouse says

    Jim. Sandy Morhouse here. Your article was terrific. Thank you for your interest in Ticonderoga. I would like to follow up, though, with some discussion about how Fort Ticonderoga (whose Board I chair) impacts Ticonderoga, it’s economy and its culture. Fort Ticonderoga is experiencing a period of epoch growth and economic impact in the community. It is acquiring a private Collection of 18th century militaria and material culture which, when combined with its current vast Collections, will make it the world’s best in its field. This, together with plans to build a new, state of the art museum facility and a hotel. Its for-profit arm is also helping local businesses with their development plans, including the Cobbler’s Bench’s plans for a boutique hotel in downtown. Much to discuss.

  3. Josy Delaney says

    Good article. We’ve considered moving to Ticonderoga, love the area. I’ve heard that the healthcare system is good there – and growing.

    The main deterent for us is that there is not a grocery store in town other than Wal-Mart. If you want to attract people to the area, there needs to be a better grocery store – in particular for fresh produce (in addition to the Co-op and Farmer’s Market).

    Any plans of having one in the near distant future? Thank you.

    • Alex says

      The population in Ticonderoga is small and mostly blue collar. No one else will touch that area with a 100 foot pole as long as Wally World is there.

  4. Patti Hamblin says

    Great article having been born in Ticonderoga and raised there it’s a great town with many fond memories , but also you have a couple of newer businesses you missed that are up and coming so I understand. J.P. Waste Management is one that is contributing to the community and is growing leaps and bounds. Hope you do a follow up and mention more businesses I’m sure there are some.

  5. Lois Gunning says

    Excellent article and I appreciate the commitment of Ti Alliance and their group. I am a native graduate of Ti High 1953 and have a granddaughter and her husband who want to return from New Jersey to find employment and a better lifestyle. She is a grad of Fordham and is the Director of the Copyright Society in NY City and her husband is an accountant – needs one course to sit for the CPA. These are the kind of young people this area needs. and I see the area as you say is in transition. I miss the hustle bustle of the old days when the mill was in full operation etc. but the town sat on its laurels for too many seasons instead of having an eye on the future. Hopefully, Ti will make a comeback.

  6. lucas mccluskey says

    Meanwhile over on john street the sad remains of the burned out drug house still stand while the yard has become the town dump there are mattresses,couches,household garbage and pretty much everything else at this point. Not only is it an eyesore it is a serious danger because it is by no means secure and the slate roof is coming off and falling to the ground now imagine someone going on the property and getting hit by that i would imagine they would sue the property owner but also the town because the problem has existed since Aug. 25th 2018. They don’t even have 1 single posted sign or anything! As it is now people go inside and do drugs and then litter the street and yards with needles! Complaining to the town does no good either because the town simply does not care! Corruption in local government is pretty obvious as well. Another part of the towns problems is that there are slumlords that rent to anyone so all the druggies and degenerates can always find a new place in town while in reality they should be forced out of town by not being able to find a rental.I mean seriously look around this town there are alot of drugs,thieves,drunks and just too many really run down or burned out houses that the building code enforcement officer just ignores while the tax paying public pays his salary! Unless these issues are addressed and dealt with Ticonderoga will continue on the downward spiral…..

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