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  1. Boreas says

    I wouldn’t consider rattlesnakes a “pestilence”. They are natural predators here and have every right to increase their numbers after our history of illogical and cruel treatment of them in the not-so-distant past. Many people still kill every snake they see, regardless of species. It has been a long time since we shared caves with them, so we should revamp our thinking of their role in nature.

    Want to reduce ticks? Keep the rodent numbers in check. Over the last 50 years we have relaxed our war on raptors and in many cases their numbers have rebounded. We need to be just as strong in our conviction to allow reptiles and amphibians their space. If you see a snake, don’t react bey running for the shovel. As long as it doesn’t rattle, admire it and allow it to do its thing undisturbed. If it does rattle, admire it from a distance. It knows you are not supper.

    • Tommyboy.357 says

      Thank Plumb Island “research” lab for the tic problem. Lyme disease, and now Powassan virus both came from their “secret” nazi research lab off the shoreline of NY. Dropped from airplanes at night by the thousands over the NY & PA borders to test the spread of these diseases on the unsuspecting populace. Your tax dollars at work. Bill and Melinda Gates foundation funded too.

  2. Vanessa says

    Drum roll for an unpopular opinion…. Snakes are good! Predators are essential for a healthy ecosystem and I cannot endorse more strongly Boreas’s above point that rodents really really contribute to Lyme and many other tick borne diseases. The rattlers are probably having a good year due to some natural phenomenon. Best just give them some space and let nature take care of them.

    We came within 6 feet of a surprise rattler on trail in northern NJ, and he was NOT happy to see us. Gave a very clear warning. He skedaddled as soon as we stopped moving. We gave him a full 10 mins to move along. Everyone walked away happy 🙂

      • Rose says

        You keep them out of my yard… That will be the only way they will live. Because if I see one. Then it soon will be a dead one… Take that to the bank, and deposit that…

  3. jay says

    I was in the Texas panhandle on an oil lease, when I spotted one close by. I opted not to destroy it, and when I told the land owner/ rancher of my decision, he let me have it. They don’t want their livestock bitten, but I had no right to kill it?

  4. Davis Moquin says

    Climate change is definitely not BS. Any informed person who knows or cares to know anything about science and math understands this. In today’s America that is far too small of a number

  5. mike says

    Had a friend out west lose his lower leg to a rattler – dangerous to people working in the woods with chainsaw hearing protectors etc – you never hear the rattle – you just feel the bite

    • Sean says

      Climate change is real and only bullshit to the unscientific minded or_________. If you haven’t noticed it happening well your________. How and why it’s happening is barely up for debate also.

  6. Mike says

    Yes somehow water levels rising 2 millimeters due to “climate change” also caused that building to collapse in Florida. People will believe anything these days if the media says so.

    • JB says

      I’ve noticed that. Someone once said “stupid is as stupid does”. I think that fits these Chicken Little the sky is falling typed.

    • Charlotte Underwood-Miller says

      That doesn’t mean it isn’t true in this case! The ground in Florida is mostly sand which is particularly mobile and unstable. It also depends a lot on which media you follow. Some are fact-based, some are based on someone’s agenda with little or no basis in truth or facts. Sadly, the latter is what causes all the trouble.

  7. Kevin says

    We do not need poisonous snakes. The non poisonous ones will keep the rodents in check. Any thing that can kill a human should be destroyed. End of story. Climate change is bullshit also. Two days ago Boston had the coldest day for July in history.

    • PhillyGeorge says

      You gonna destroy the human race yerself? We humans are already doing a good job of it. You have proposed a self-fulfilling prophesy.Maybe someone will continue the job with someone you know or even closer, but not you, ubetcha!

    • Pat B says

      Interesting logic. Humans kill humans so we all must die. When does the purge start? Yes I’m being sarcastic.

    • Charlotte Underwood-Miller says

      That doesn’t mean it isn’t true in this case! The ground in Florida is mostly sand which is particularly mobile and unstable. It also depends a lot on which media you follow. Some are fact-based, some are based on someone’s agenda with little or no basis in truth or facts. Sadly, the latter is what causes all the trouble.

  8. Shirley says

    I am terrified of any and all snakes. But rest assured I will do my best to not ever be where I can see one, or one sees me. If I am unfortunate, I just hope I have a shovel in hand. Shovel on side porch now. I will not walk in tall grass either. No snake for me I pray. Climate change is for real.

  9. Sean says

    Venomous snakes are part of the ecosystem and eat larger prey many times than nonvenomous ones. Your argument about climate change is bullshit btw. That cold is due to the very thing you dismiss.

  10. RIchard Carmichael says

    I have an uncle that lives in essex jct, vt. Havnt been there since i was a kid. Would love to know if he and my cousin are doing ok. Lost contact with them years ago after dad passed on. Want to come up and explore the area again sometime. If anyone has any info on them please let me know. Im in NC. His name is Robert “Bob” Carmichael. He has a son named Bobby. Drop me an email if anyone knows them . Thanks

  11. David E Davis says

    I lived in my ancestral homeland, the east bank of the Hudson, until I left to make a decent living. I live in a cabin in Florida on acreage with many Diamondbacks and coral snakes. The timber rattlers of NY are more congenial and less dangerous than the venomous species here. And I don’t kill these here. Some of your readers should grow a set and stop living in fear.

  12. Bama says

    My problem is that I believe in Science, just not scientists. Yes, it is scientific fact the world is warming. It has been for the last 20,000 years. 20,000 years ago you would have had to go 75 miles further West, from the Current West Coast of Florida to reach the Gulf of Mexico. Just 7800 years ago you could walk on dry ground to go between France and England. You see, Scientists don’t talk about that, because it doesn’t fit their Man Made Global Warming theory. So, if you really want to believe in Science, you must admit the world has been getting warmer and seas have been rising for a long time.

    • Boreas says

      You say you believe in science, yet you ignore the dramatically INCREASED RATE of warming over the last 100 years, not the last 10,000. Scientists must look at ALL the data, not pick and choose the data. That is why there are peer-reviewed journals that, unfortunately, most people do not bother to open.

  13. Tim says

    Climate change is here and it’s probably going to destroy the human race because of idiots who say there is no Climate change I’m sure the people who say BS there kids and grandkids will have to pay for it. There is Climate change just like Trump lost the election their is some stupid ass people in the world.

  14. mark goodale says

    I think we share this planet with other animals and mammals we do not own it give them there space and if u go build a dream house with nature just because a bear walked across your property it doesn’t give you the right to kill it it lived there before you and snakes do to its not ur property u just share it but if another human try’s threatening ur family or the bears property u have the right to kill the human cause humans are like cockroaches the pop up everywhere.

    • Boreas says

      That is instinctive and due to our co-evolution with predators and venomous creatures. And most animals don’t like us!! Good thing they can’t use shovels and shotguns!

  15. Pablo DeJesus says

    Once we give AOC and the Democrats the $93 Trillion they require to “fix” the world weather we’ll all be living in Heaven on Earth. Imagine being able to render an F5 tornado a fart in the wind by pointing a handheld devise and squeezing a trigger. Redirecting a Cat 5 hurricane headed for Florida to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to die a fizzled death. Turn snow into Hershey Kisses to feed the hungry while keeping the roads free from slipping and sliding into each others cars resulting in having to replace the battery at a cost of $ 5000 each. (plus disposal charge of $3000 for damaged/dead battery) And we better do it soon or the earth will be gone in 12 years. (update 7 years). Ah, Climate Change..we’re all doomed.

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