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Michael Virtanen is a former Explorer staff reporter who also previously worked as a correspondent for the Associated Press and for daily newspapers in Albany, Utica and Amsterdam, N.Y.

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  1. Boreas says

    I for one am getting impatient. Gulf Brook Road at Boreas Pond is still closed as far as I know. I would have thought that would have been considered a priority repair, yet it drags on. I am taking the completion date on this project with a grain of salt. It will likely be up to local communities to keep DEC’s feet to the fire.

  2. Scott Thompson says

    I have been working for the trail for over 20 years, so for me this is amazingly fast work. Unfortunately the real potential will not be seen until the Trail extends to Old Forge. The whole idea of access by train is flawed. If you went to Tupper by train how long could you go on the trail? How much could you bring? Could(would) you shop and carry back your goods? Miss the return? Too bad. No, the success of the trail will be park and ride, park and ride from your accommodation. The Train ride will cost more for one person than a whole family in the car. Remember, the weight of the train has to be moved weather it has one passenger or 300. Very in efficient.

  3. Scott Thompson says

    Wouldn’t you think the Rail operator would, with the taxpayers contribution of over $30 million dollars ( no payback is planned or required ), present some kind of plan? If there is supposed to be some kind of economic benefit for the Adirondacks It would have to be planed for. One train a week? Two? four a week? How will anyone gain from such an operation. Restaurants, attractions, accommodations? You have to think there is collusion between the DOT and the only possible operator. The new Governor and the taxpayers should not stand for it.

  4. Scott Thompson says

    The train ride will be an experience to take your bike up to the new trail in Tupper, but then I would think you might want to go by car. The train ride will be somewhere near $200 for a couple while your car ( if it’s really hungry and gas goes to $5.00) may cost about $65 round trip; take 3 or 4, the cost will be the same!

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