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    • Jon says

      As stated in the article, they were marooned in low water on the Hudson after the rafting company mistimed a dam release ….in late summer water levels are low absent releases of reservoir waters.

  1. Lawrence Van Garrett says

    First off, the dam release is on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. So on Monday, there obviously would not have been a “bubble” to ride.
    This is such a teachable moment especially for an “outing club.” Two particularly lessons are always bring a physical map and bring a gps unit that has maps downloaded of the area(s) one will be in.
    Awesome job to REV RAIL and the DEC for another great recover. Great to see the DEC use outside help. There are a lot of local SAR teams that are not being utilized by the DEC and soon in the future may not even exist.

  2. Big Mike says

    First off there was a release on Monday because of Labor day.
    I to want to know what company?
    Any commercial trip would know exactly what to do in the event you lost the bubble. I’m thinking it was a private boat with out the knowledge to run the river.
    When they got to the trestle, if they had followed the tracks south/east, it was 2.5 miles to the take out. Instead they continued on until they hit the Boreas.

    Please update this article to let people know that this was not a commercial trip. If it was a commercial trip shame on the company and definitely post there name as a warning to future rafters.

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