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  1. LeRoy Hogan says

    A good example of how dumb it was to kick out Rail Explorers a few years ago. They are now doing very well in the Catskills. Daks loss-Cats gain. LOL!

  2. Jason says

    I’m not sure exactly what “all abilities” is supposed to mean but it implies that it is inclusive for people with functional differences. It doesn’t look like it could be used by people who have limited mobility.

  3. Chris says

    Would be much more inclusive if people could ride their hand bikes or take their power chairs. Maybe an ADA rail trail would be better. ‍♂️

    • LeRoy Hogan says


      Are you talking about those old time 2 person hand pump rail bikes and electric power chair rail bikes? Your ides sound cool.

  4. LeRoy Hogan says

    I wonder if sold out rail bike users’ ticket sales help fund rail maintenance.

    On the contrary, rail trail users ticket sales do not exist to help fund trail maintenance.

  5. Dave says

    Got no problem with the rail bikes running on the tracks. They can end at Carter Station like they do now, just make it a trail from there to Tupper Lake. Running a slow ASR train on those track is a waste of state money. It’s only October 18th & the ASR will run NO more trains from Utica to Thendara. I thought they wanted to become a passenger service from Utica to Tupper. Fat chance that ever happens. The state is wasting millions to rehab a train line that can barley survive now. Keep the rail bikes get ride of the rest!

    • LeRoy Hogan says

      Dave being a supporting member of the Adirondack RR, I have asked for their financial report several times to find any kind of source of what you stated the train that only barely survives. Do you Dave have such a source you can share with us?

  6. james swanteck says

    Very Cool. I’ve driven by these with my wife. Sadly it’s not accessible for many physically disabled people.

  7. Phil Brown says

    “Those who wish to participate in a rail bike tour may reserve a 4-person rail bike for $147, or a 2-person bike for $85.”

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