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In a career rooted in watchdog reporting, Explorer editor James M. Odato has been cited as one of New York’s top journalists covering state government, gambling, and abuse and waste of public money. He has written thousands of articles, his byline has appeared in numerous national publications and his investigative stories have spurred reforms. As a staff reporter for five daily newspapers, including the Albany Times Union and Buffalo News, Odato has received more than 30 awards from the Associated Press, New York Publishers Association, the New York Legislative Correspondents Association and other media organizations. In 2007, Investigative Reporters and Editors recognized his reporting with the Freedom of Information Award Medal. In October 2021, the University of Massachusetts Press released his book, This Brain Had a Mouth, Lucy Gwin and the Voice of Disability Nation.

Reader Interactions


  1. Mike F says

    Qualified? Has no resume outside of a failed University Games. Odato you seem to find cracks, go find them because this smells like an inside job. McKenna controlling the town

  2. Ken Y says

    Mike said what needs saying.Too much incest when it comes to McKenna and where the state is getting in return for its money; too little attention to the financial fiasco of the World University Games. Indeed, this is the Land of Make Believe.

  3. Bob says

    Hundreds of millions in taxpayer funded capital improvements into an organization that without annual subsidy from the state and town would be losing money. What should we do next? Gee maybe we hire the person responsible for the World University Games that also lost tens of millions because they couldn’t even give tickets away let alone sell them for a profit. Great Idea! ORDA venues should be privatized and either make a profit or be shut down. The Olympics are never coming back here. The games are too big now. The town would survive just fine. The area would still draw visitors for other reasons. If you are going to spend my tax dollars at least pay the ORDA workers a living wage. Maybe cut the CEO pay and gut the management team.

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