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  1. Cristine Meixner says:

    transient global amnesia; I have a cousin this happened to. Fortunately he did not go anywhere!

  2. Curious Observer says:

    Was a toxicology report ever done on Mr. Filippidis? not mentioned in any of the coverage…

  3. Charlie S says:

    Very strange! And very interesting. Had there been any ufo activity around this time? Maybe they should try hynosis to see what comes out of him.

  4. Charlie S says:


  5. Rod M says:

    Still too many unanswered questions. I can’t believe the police and/or rangers don’t have the answers. A lot of taxpayer dollars involved here! We have a right to get all questions answered.

  6. Esperansa Luna says:

    If someone went off, got drunk, he would sober up eventually, and would remember something within a 6 day period…
    The fact he was found by side of road, confused, and could remember hardly anything of the last 6 days, eerily reminds me of the Travis Walton case.
    For those not knowing, it is a fascinating story of alien abduction told by the abductee himself..

  7. rob says:

    sacramento detectives said truck dropped him off from route 86. No such route or street anywhere near Sacramento.

  8. rob says:

    better check for ghb. the fact he turned out to not be american probably saved him.

  9. A drunken truck driver hits the head and faints to a distracted skier. Believing him dead, he gets him into the vehicle and drives him away from the scene of the crime to throw the corpse in another place. Later she discovers that she lives but does not know until when and she is not encouraged to get rid of the victim or take her to a hospital. He continues his disturbed march and without knowing what to do, while the victim slowly recovers, but also confused with the blow. He fears having caused a permanent injury that compromises him and decides to release him, far away from the place of the event, when he can only do so on his own. Meanwhile, it prevents the truck from seeing it or bea so it can not recognize it in the future. He even cuts his hair so that there are no traces of the impact of the truck to serve as evidence. Do not believe in this explanation? Then it was the aliens and Filippidi confused the spacecraft with a modern truck with platform …

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