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Chloe Bennett is a climate change reporter based in Lake Placid, NY. Originally from North Texas, Chloe has always been drawn to the natural world. In 2022, she graduated from the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY where she focused on environmental reporting and audio production. She grew a deep appreciation for the Adirondack Park while interning for the Explorer in the summer of 2022.

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  1. Joanna Storm says

    Our yard in SE Wisconsin is getting quite. The morning call from two sandhill Cranes and their colt ended a few days ago. I knew it was close to their flight, I went outside and gave them their breakfast. After they are, they thrilled their beautiful sound, ran and took flight, to my amazement they circled my property as if to say ..see you in April, and thanks for all the food and chasing the turkeys away from our pool.

    Hummingbirds, only a few are here. Perhaps the ones still making their journey south.
    The flock of Robins that sat on the hard ground looking for a few worms on the last 90 deg day, enjoyed the hoses I ran on the ground so they could bathe and grab dinner. They too are no longer around.
    It sad,but the Blue Jays, Cardinals, crows, woodpeckers of all types and of course those pesty Sparrows enjoy less competition. Gold finches chowing down on the seeds of purple cone flowers now changing color.
    The Great Horned Owl calls are welcoming and we converse until it’s time to feed the critters.
    Turkeys are all in dress. Though they don’t understand they are courting a Jake. They too will find refuge when the season opens in the downed trees we purposely leave for them.
    It’s been a good year..seen baby cranes and turkeys. The eagle moved to another site, as they have a few. Their offspring took flight too.
    As the night falls the owl calls…good night all, be careful cause I see all and see all.

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