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  1. Boreas says

    “But after giving it some thought, he said it seemed unlikely the tactic would work. “No individual can take on the APA, and this is not a fight I want to fight,” he said.”

    People interested in fighting the APA should note the case of “Sandy” Lewis in Essex about a decade ago. He fought the APA, and the APA LOST! So it isn’t impossible.


    “Carney said Forever Wild is important, but so is the right of the people to thrive. By creating a park comprised of public and private lands, “there is an implicit acknowledgement that people who live here need to have some way to make a living,” he said.”

    I agree – but we all need to be playing by the same rules. I have limits on what I can do on my property, and I knew that when I bought the property. The regulations seemed and still seam reasonable to me. Variances are possible, but they do need to be obtained – in writing – first. Hopefully the days of back room, off-the-record deals will be declining, based on the recent DEC lawsuit outcome. Keep everything on the record.

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