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  1. Robert Hodge says:

    Several years ago when Syracuse University held meetings with actual staff at Minnowbrook, I had the mixed pleasure of swimming in Blue Mountain Lake. Mixed because the clarity was incredible! And the water temp. for swimming so comfortable.
    But the reason for the clarity- acid rain.
    Likely I’ll never swim there again, but darned glad the acid rain catastrophe is reversing itself.
    It should never be permitted to go back to acid conditions ever again!
    Keep up the good work getting away from fossil fuels!

  2. Mick Finn says:

    President Trump’s policies are working!
    I did some of the original water sampling in 1980, so it’s about time an administration made some changes!

  3. thomas h prevost says:

    Great to see the major reduction in mineral acids in our waterways. But, have any studies done to determine the effects of organic acids from decomposing vegetation in the duff? We no longer have the periodic forest fires that reduced this effect.

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