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Sierra McGivney graduated in May 2021 with a degree in journalism and expeditionary studies at SUNY Plattsburgh. She spent the summer of 2020 as an intern for the Adirondack Explorer.

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  1. Alex Smith says

    I would agree you generally get what you pay for. However, if you’re just looking for a recreational paddle board and have a tight budget, there are some good ones in the sub $500 range. There are plenty that will hold 200+ pounds, you just need to make sure they are rated for that. You’ll give up a few things for that price point, but I’d rather see someone getting into the sport and enjoying it than wishing they could afford a more expensive board.

    If you are going to be using your SUP a lot, I would recommend going with a better brand that will usually run you in the $500-1000 range. These will last longer, and will be built better. You can check out my comparison chart at https://paddlelove.com/chart/

    Don’t forget the paddle. Many boards will come with a package, but some don’t. So don’t forget to include the price of a paddle (and a PDF of course) in your budget when shopping.

    Happy paddling!

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