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  1. Peter Fellegara says

    The effort to evaluate and be data based (science based) is applauded. There are no representatives of the hiking community or users of the Adirondack Park on the committee. How can I contact the committee directly about this oversite?

  2. Paul says

    So true Eric. And yet, they’ll have no problem asking the 46ers to be the free labor to put any of their lofty plans in to motion.

  3. Peter Fellegara says

    It is good to see the analysis will be data driven (science data). There are no hikers or trail users represented on the committee? How can I provide input to the committee?
    Thank you

  4. toofargone says

    No one should be denied access to the Adirondacks or High Peaks. These public lands exist for the public’s use and enjoyment, not the select few. If the trails are being eroded, then NYS needs to provide the resources to maintain and repair them. If parking is an issue, then NYS needs to develop additional parking. If NYS/DEC lacks the will, then it’s their problem. It should not be taken out on the adoring public. So far, I am not aware of a single reported accident or fatality involving the alleged overcrowded parking, hikers and traffic. Yet these supposed safety issues have been used as pretext to limit parking and restrain access. Now the trails are next. If you do not like crowds, then don’t climb Whiteface, Cascade, Marcy, etc. Perhaps MacNaughton is waiting for you, but then again, the herd paths are getting well worn and you are likely to see other PEOPLE. All of God’s children are insane, but those who advocate for restricted access likely suffer from multiple personality disorder. What’s next, lock them up? Try that at Robert Moses State Park or Jones Beach. Oh, the humanity.

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