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  1. Mike Richards says

    Just another reason everyone is moving out of NY. E bikes and mountain bikes DO NOT hurt the environment. The state has logged all through the park,destroying the understory and and leaving skidder and fellerbuncher’s ruts asleep as 3 feet.But that’s fine I guess
    I can show you trenches across multiple roads 6’to 8′ deep where culverts were removed.Clear cuts that were done because of the ice storm.A joke,not a bit of ice fell there. Northern Franklin county is a joke,all of the roads are gated,and closed most of the year. ENJOY WHAT?

  2. Boreas says


    Forget about the environmental impact – they aren’t even allowed on most roads yet! This legislation would have changed that, but some bonehead left helmet requirements out of the bill. I would hope it would be passed with this addition.

    I too feel “no-throttle” e-bikes should have a place in the backcountry wherever mountain bikes are currently allowed.

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