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  1. Bike and Nature Lover says

    Ladies and gentlemen, who cares how the bike is powered – by muscle or electricity? It doesn’t pollute, it gets people out of their homes and into the beautiful nature, and doesn’t do any harm if the speed is capped at 25 mph. I’ve seen people WITHOUT bikes destroy more nature than any biker ever would. Let’s be open-minded and join the rest of the civilized world, instead of creating barriers to industrial and engineering revolution!

    • Chris says

      It seems that eBikes are bringing in a whole new demographic to outdoor recreation, which is great. And given how new they are, R&D will bring dramatic improvements in their capabilities very soon.

      But allowing them in the forests as they are today probably would end up allowing the much more powerful versions we’ll see in the near future, which I think is a bad idea.

  2. Boreas says

    I don’t believe any proposal should become law until there is a definite distinction drawn between e-bikes with a throttle that do not require pedaling and are capable of higher speeds, and electric-assist bikes that do require pedaling effort and have restricted speeds. I frankly don’t see the difference between allowing an electric-assist bike traveling at 10 mph and a totally human-powered bike traveling at the same speed. If speed is the fear, restrict the speeds on both. Otherwise, I don’t see the problem on trails designed for bicycles and old roads. If electric-assist bikes allow less fit individuals more access to enjoyable physical activity, what is the downside?

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