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  1. Mike Gresens says

    Not mentioning The Land of Make-believe is a big miss of this article. Arto Monaco, the owner/designer of it is an Adirondack legend for these small theme parks. He designed Santa’s Workshop in Wilmington and went on to build his own park, The Land of Make-believe in Upper Jay. His story is very interesting and he is a part of Adirondack history.

  2. Ed says

    So many happy memories of Gaslight Village, the rides and entertainment, etc…My family went every summer and we loved it so much that we made it a point to be the last ones to leave, usually around 11:30 at night. That place just made the entire Lake George Village a more jolly place in the summer with all the lights and activity. That was a sad day when it was announced that it was closing.

  3. Stephen Collyer says

    I worked at Gaslight Village in the Summers of the late 1960s. It was a thriving Park, always busy. I had the most fun being a groundskeeper and got to walk around. Running the old movies in the old time theater or being a ride operator was also fun. Once Charlie wood came and asked me to drive down to his suncastle Villas on the lake with a pick up pulling a trailer of marble lions from Italy. It was a very windy road and I was a very nervous 16-year-old!

    • Ed says

      Great story Stephen…Charlie sure seemed larger than life and he did a lot of good things for the community. Maybe you helped me on some of the rides as a kid; the Green Monster was my favorite!

  4. Jimmy says

    It is sad to see a land mark go no body whant to see thing go so good times there and memory. housing is not what we need to see we. Aspesholy affordable housing is not what the town need. No to bring in the trash in the town.the town is to nice to let go down hill.

  5. Jeff says

    Arto Monaco’s Land of Make Believe was a terrible omission from this article, indeed ! He operated in Upper Jay from 1953 or 54 to 1979. I think he said the 13th flood was too much. He was a great guy too close to the river..
    Does anyone remember the “Mystery Spot” in Wilmington ? I have a brochure, a snowglobe, and memories of riding by in the car “shooting” at the dinosaurs with my imaginary gun. OK, it was the 1970’s, nothing was p.c. then.

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