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Stephen Leon, a freelancer based in Albany, covers various issues for Adirondack Explorer. Previously, he was editor and publisher of the Albany alternative newsweekly Metroland. He can be reached at stephenleon7@gmail.com.

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  1. Harold Jurewicz says

    The APA has held a stranglehold on the Park for way too long; as much as I am not a fan of the Governor, I am much less a fan of the APA.

  2. George says

    The present Governor’s propensity to micromanage APA is not limited to that Agency. It is prevalent in every agency and very deep in to each organization. All Agencies are suffering from a lack of professional leadership and the the ability of rank and file managers to take initiative and manage within guidelines. It’s no wonder our state is in the shape it’s in. Managers in State government aren’t allowed to go to the bathroom without checking with the Governor’s office.

    Under these conditions, I’m sure it’s difficult to find qualified candidates who are willing to serve on boards like the APA, unless of course they are total hacks!

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