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  1. Chuck Hagelgans says

    Call me a wimp, but I like trails where I can see the trail markers. Backtracking to the last marker I remember seeing is not my idea of fun.

  2. JM Schneider says

    Your story resonated. I was hiking Pillsbury Mtn. recently and the trail was effectively a creek bed. The hike was technical, balancing from rock to rock to avoid wet feet. Kept expecting the stream bed to run dry as we gained elevation but nope, water the entire way. Didn’t twist an ankle but no summit either. Next time.

  3. Bearj Bahtiarian says

    A timely article since I am planning a trip to shoot (photograph) waterfalls in the
    area, in October. However, I had a bit of difficulty finding a trail map in “All Trails”. For those that of you that use “All Trails”, you will find the trail along Deer Brook listed as “Snow Mountain Trail”.

    I hope that is of some help.

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