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  1. Matthew V says

    The reasons the rescues are complicated is because the Trap Dyke IS NOT a hike. It’s a 4th class climb. irresponsible reporters and publishers often use ‘hike’ to describe that kills people and often leads to the DEC allocating resource away for the protection of the high peaks, in order to recuse hikers trying to do a climb. This leads to injury or death of the under-prepared and under-skilled parties on this climb.

  2. Nora Leonard Roy says

    The trap dike on Colden has become a serious public nuisance since its transformation by Hurricane Irene in 2011. I have a few questions:
    Are dike/slide climbers registered and approved before they set out? Who pays for rescues and recoveries? Will the AMC/ADK implement measures to reduce the incidence of injuries, fatalities, and the need for subsequent rescues and recoveries?

  3. Vanessa B says

    Yeah I face palm every time I read about this type of thing. And thank you for mentioning that it’s a fudging waterway!! You can ice climb it in winter – i think Kevin has. It looks great for an experienced climber, but no one else should be up there, period. I hope to have the skills someday, but at the rate I haven’t been climbing since corona…

  4. Kevin J Normile says

    We did it pre-Irene. Anyway, it was the year before the Binghamton University student fell to his death trying to help a couple of other people through the crux. There were four of us, one guy who had done it before and scrambled up with no issues. Then me and my friend and her daughter who was maybe 21 at the time. She froze up and got really freaked at the crux and we had to talk her through it. Scared me too! Got out too late and had to bushwhack to the top. Probably won’t do it again.

  5. Jeanne says

    My husband & I did the trapped dike twice. Both in late summer. Once in our twenties & again in our thirties. Amazing climb! You need to be in excellent shape. A winter climb…for us just wasn’t something we knew we could do. The rock face would be too icy. It was great both times! One of the most memorable hikes, for sure!

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