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  1. John Sasso says

    God article, Tim, and congrats to CATS for opening this trail. Historically, Long Pond used to be called Rattlesnake Pond throughout the 1800s and appears by that name on early maps, such as David H. Burr’s 1829 Map of the County of Essex and John H. French’s 1858 Map of Essex Co., New York. It then appeared under the name “Long Pond” on the 1876 atlas of Essex County. The name for the mountain appeared much later, by 1895. Thus, the mountain likely acquired its name from the pond (not an uncommon occurrence).
    Long Pond was also called Echo Lake for a period of time, from around 1893 to the mid-1900s.

    A road from the hamlet of Willsboro to around Highlands Forge Lake once followed today’s State Route 22. It then went between today’s Long Pond and Mountain, northeastward along the western side of Highlands Forge Lake (then called Warm Pond), and followed a route like that of Highlands Road. The path of this road is shown on David H. Burr’s 1840 Map of the County of Essex.

    For more info, see:

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