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Zachary Matson has been an environmental reporter for the Explorer since October 2021. He is focused on the many issues impacting water and the people, plants and wildlife that rely on it in the Adirondack Park. Zach worked at daily newspapers in Missouri, Arizona and New York for nearly a decade, most recently working as the education reporter for six years at the Daily Gazette in Schenectady.

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  1. nathan says

    sadly money rules over the environment everytime in the adirondacks.
    There’s too many speed boats racing all over the lakes all over, still no ban on 2 stroke outboards. A serious lake of law enforcement. Motor boaters who are drunk constantly, buzzing other boats/canoes at unsafe speeds or distances or both.
    1)There needs to be serious motor size restrictions, like under 20 feet restricted to 20 hp, tougher wake/speed and safety enforcement.
    2) put serious teeth in penalties, like impounding boat for 30 days. a few should not be allowed to disrupt the wildlife to no end or other recreation boaters/canoes.
    Loons need some peace also!!

  2. Shawn Typhair says

    Go some where else if you don”t like it . I used to be able to use my outboard in Lows Lake. That’s what the environmentalist told us . There are plenty of waterways that don’t allow motors .

    • nathan says

      nope, just keep fighting for the safety and cleanliness of all lakes. get 2 strokes banned, reduce speed boats! lows lake is canoe friendly! no noisy shawn!!!

  3. Marc Wanner says

    “The state contends that the carrying capacity requirement does not apply to permitting decisions on private property, highlighting that the lakebed adjacent to the marina sites are privately owned.”

    But the lake bed is CONNECTED to the rest of the lake.

    An APA that has to be sued to get it to do it’s job? Sad.

  4. Chris says

    There has to be a balance for everyone. 20 hp is way to small on medium to larger lakes. It needs to be a case by case basis – not a park wide rule. There needs to be places for canoes/ kayaks – There needs to be places for larger boats. It is everyone’s park .

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