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  1. Ed says

    This is absolutely pathetic. Any adult person knows better and it’s a great big world out there so how can there be signs everywhere trying to protect people from their own risk-taking? Only in New York (or maybe California).

  2. Bill Keller says

    There is no personnel responsibility/accountability any more. $1.5 million of tax payers dollars because there was no sign warning of obvious danger.

  3. nathan says


    Absurd, state is not responsible for people being foolish, Whats next suing because the moss was slippery on a 60 degree rock and falling off a ledge? or the state didnt remove the rocks from the rapids?
    State didnt remove dead tree from falling in the woods.
    Rediculous lawsuits and outragious payouts for Darwin awards.
    DEC is not responsible for natures pitfalls, just like land owners should not be responsible for stupid trespassers.

  4. An Adirondack Resident says

    This is absolutely wrong. The state is not your nanny. It is impossible for “the government” at any level to put up warning signs at all “dangerous” places. People need to be responsible for their own actions and the consequences thereof. These kinds of lawsuits hurt everyone and just result in more places being declared off limits. “Beach Closed – No swimming when lifeguard is not on duty” at perfectly safe town beaches yet with virtually no effort you can go swimming at much more potentially dangerous spots on the nearby river. No swimming at the beach in the state campsite but you can swim your lakeside site just down the shore. Absolute insanity.

  5. Plow Boy says

    The Law system needs $$ so there will be NO relief from such sort of pay me cheap now or go to trial for maybe big $$$ you see it everywhere. What do you expect when the lawyers advertise to sue for free no win no FEE $$

    • nathan says

      There needs to be laws banning such frivolous lawsuits and judges doing so. It is insane to win lawsuits for sheer stupidity or technicalities.
      1)Such as blintz gas cans loosing lawsuit because there was no flame retardant mesh in gas can. disregarding fact that a extremely stupid person was pouring gasoline into a burning trash barrel, earned DARWIN award!
      2) coffee is supposed to be really hot, just because some foolish woman at Mcdonalds decided to add sugar while driving and cup between legs, hits brakes and burns her privates, doesn’t mean reward for being stupid. Means stupid actions got stupid results.
      So next is person falls off cliff and wins because NYS didn’t put up a chain-link fence and signs?
      Or person sues car manufacturer because sports car could go 150 mph and they crash?? or car didn’t put apply brakes? or car started without putting on seat belt?
      where do stupid lawyers bull ever end or go to? but American companies loose billions a year in lawyers over frivolous lawsuits and companies move over seas, we loose jobs, and pay more for everything.

  6. Joan Grabe says

    This is so depressing. Comments by men ( I assume An Adirondack Resident is male) , being manly, decrying the nanny state, disdaining the settlement of 1.5 million to a fatherless family. I would hate to drown – it must be awful to be unable to extricate oneself from a predicament like that. But not one shred of empathy or compassion was expressed in those comments.

  7. noneyah says

    I’ve been swimming there for years and years… right In the falls. Little kids jump off the rock into the falls on the entrance side. If the water isn’t raging and you use goggles to first inspect the area by swimming underwater first. You will be fine. Sometimes people die. This happens. But also 10000 people don’t die first. I would say leave it be. As for sueing, no offense but death is a part of this kind of adventuring. If you are not aware of this you should not take part.

  8. Michael giano says

    Poor guy died! RIP

    Noway is it the tax payers fault that he did
    The Great Out doors has Many dangerous areas, nobody is responsible for their own actions anymore! And these Lawyers are theives

  9. Jeanine says

    It’s really sad but also very stupid ! Any time you are there in the water in
    any water there is a danger maybe there is a current. What are we going to do ‘post every damn step you take?’ I think this family is delusional & shame on you all! Do us all a favor…STAY HOME!!

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