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  1. Mari A says

    I’m sure there has been PLENTY more. Not everyone wants recognition for everything, especially as gender-neutral as hiking a mountain.

  2. Taylor Radigan says

    I completed this as a thru-hike about a month before them, 7/24-8/7, while continuously traversing the entire NE115. Sorry ladies, I hit it first.

  3. Bethany K Garretson says

    That’s super cool Taylor! The thru-hike has been done many times. Sometimes supported or with resupply. Did you complete it unsupported? If so, would like to give you credit where credit is due. If you were the first woman to do it unsupported, you should get that recognition.

  4. Andy says

    Having attempted this, with a 42-mile day 1 and bail on day 3, I can’t say how tough this is in a true unsupported (or supported, for that matter) fashion. Congrats, Bethany and Katie. I think the other…um, less enthusiastic commenters here may not be familiar with what constitutes an unsupported 46 FKT.

  5. Mike Lynch says

    Congrats Taylor! Your trip climbing the mountains of the northeast was very impressive. However, I think your trip through the Adirondack High Peaks would qualify as supported.

  6. Kevin Donovan says

    I am in awe of these ladies’ accomplishment. I’m kind of surprised by comments that are less than supportive.

    Being a year round and winter 46r I understand the difficulties and endurance required simply to climb multiple peaks in a day. To suggest that innumerable unknown other women (or men) have completed this unsupported is beyond belief.

    Let’s keep the conversation like the mountains- elevated.

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