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Gwen covers environmental policy in the Adirondacks. Contact her at (518) 524-2902 or gwen@adirondackexplorer.org. You can also follow her on Twitter, @gwendolynnn1.

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  1. rum says

    Fred was the truest of gentlemen and it was a pleasure to get to know him. He introduced me to the wonders of the Adirondacks and he eventually found my piece of heaven during his stint as a realtor for his family’s company. It seemed that EVERYONE knew Fred and not a soul ever had a bad thing to say. As a matter of fact, declaring Fred as a friend gave me instant acceptance to the communities here. I recall emailing Fred at one point to teasingly tell him that “I met a guy in Glens Falls who said he didn’t know you!” He replied in his typical witty good humor and that smile he gave me then still sits with me today. He will be sorrily missed as he kept up the good fight for the people of this area.

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