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  1. nathan friend says

    rules just change for the right price it seems.. We can live without a cell phone, but the forever wildwild gets violated yet again. APA has become a money hungry foundation!

  2. Pete says

    The vast majority of residents and visitors alike want good cell coverage. It is a not just a convenience, it is a safety issue. It is also becoming virtually a requirement to have a cell phone because any time you want to do anything securely on line, two-factor authentication is going to require that you spit back a code texted to your phone.

    Cell towers are only built near population centers they serve. They can’t be built “in the wilderness” and therefore they will really only be visible from highways and other already-developed places near the population centers. They are not going to ruin anyone’s “wilderness experience” when they hike in to the deep woods.

  3. Lillian Antoci says

    Yes, they need a cell phone tower for an emergency but I have seen towers camouflaged as pine trees and they do NOT really do a good job of hiding it. You can still see it is a tower. They need more greenery to cover.

  4. Nicholas Kubiszyn says

    We all in Inlet and surrounding areas need cell service not only for emergency and having cell calling. This should be important to everyone. The simulation photo looks great, if those that are worried about how it looks don’t, do you really think someone will actually stop and look for it. We need the tower and we need it NOW.

    Thank You

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