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  1. Frank B says

    If people can be trusted to practice social distancing, hand washing and other well defined practices we can safely resume our lives without putting anyone at jeopardy or overwhelming our healthcare system. If we are to overcome this we have to call out others and. enforce these practices or we will be on lock down which will lead to a catastrophic economic situation.

  2. JC says

    Thanks for this article. Important considerations and (moral and ethical) obligations we all have to live with now.

    So, would you agree the directive is basically stating that:

    “…when done locally, you CAN hike with those living with you. Do so only within close proximity of your home, and practice social distancing with any others you may encounter while out excercising/recreating”?

  3. MJ Varden Morgan says

    Thank you. (I am in Washington state, former Tupper Laker.) I was relieved about hiking continuing to be ok.
    Your article reminds me that everyone’s resources are already stretched thin.
    No one heads out on the trail thinking they’ll need rescue services.
    I have nice trails near home. I’m going to use them. Great and gentle reminder.

  4. Teak says

    Looking forward to getting over there from Vermont in the near future. Limiting outside activities is plain idiocy. If the hospitals and EMT systems were near breaking points, sure. But they are not even close to being overwhelmed.

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