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  1. Boreas says

    It will be bad news if the proposed 11 subdivisions can be FURTHER subdivided. I guess we will see what Mr. Hendrickson is made of if he sells those tracts without deed restrictions to prevent this.

  2. Mark S says

    It is a crying shame that a factor in this is the introduction of bass into Little Tupper – who would do that and why? Perhaps the Nature Conservancy can step in somehow.

  3. Paul says

    The whole plot had a ridiculous price tag. These subdivision prices are also totally unrealistic. Nobody is going to buy at these prices unless they are insane.

  4. Tim-Brunswick says

    I can see it coming….OK…so the State buys it and then….It’s Boreas Ponds all over again and the “Wilderness Only” crowd starts their rant to make as much as possible “Wilderness” classification, which restricts the vast majority of New Yorkers from ever seeing it. I hope to heck somebody private takes it over, sells, divides, subdivides….who cares…if the average person can never get to see it and/or reasonable access isn’t possible so what!

  5. Gerald Douglas Vincent says

    Maybe Nature conservatory will buy it cheap sell it to the state at 4 times the cost a year later and then give Cuomo a nice reelection donation. Not that has ever happened before cough cough!

    • Joan Grabe says

      That never happened, period !
      The Adirondack Chapter of the Nature Conservancy paid fair market price for the former Finch Pruyn lands, sold the forestry rights to a Danish pension fund and then sold the remaining lands to the state in tranches over many years after negotiations and consultations with the towns involved. And after much hard work by Mike Carr and the staff of the chapter to raise private funds in support of this project and supervise the process of classifying the lands.
      The chapter does not make political contributions but the International Nature Conservancy may at their discretion. I really can’t speak to that. But I do hope your cough gets better.

  6. Gaye Grabowski says

    Great response Joan Grabe! Facts, not opinions are powerful. I’m wondering if there has been contact with the Nature Conservacy? I am a firm believer in positive efforts, not negativism. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If I can help towards that effort, I’m willing.

    • Gaye Grabowski says

      Great response Joan. I wondered if the Nature Conservacy has been contacted? I’m an advocate of thing positively, not negatively. Much as been accomplished in life with a will to do so and this through creatively. I wish I could help with such an effort. The Adirondacks hold a special place in my heart.

    • George Deshaies says

      MR. HENDRICKSON’S price for the 36,000 acre Estate is a steal, a real steal for the lucky person who gets it. In Buffalo, we, the taxpayers, will be paying 1.4 Billion for a new Bill’s stadium we don’t even need… and we did not even get a chance to vote for it. No comparison which is the better value for our future generations. Wish I could help.

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