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  1. Mark Connors says

    Very much looking forward to paddling Boreas but it seems that such access is still some time away. Is Gulf Brook Road open at all (foot or vehicle) or completely closed to the public?

  2. Fred Kamerling says

    I stopped at the entrance to Gulf Brook Road yesterday, April 26, 2016 and found it gated with a new-looking DEC sign. The sign indicated the road was closed to motorized traffic until September 2019 due to construction work being carried out by the Nature Conservancy and DEC! There were other signs indicating the property now belongs to NYS Forest Preserve and the public with the usual prevention’s. So, I interpret this to mean the road is open to foot traffic only, for now. I’d love to paddle there, but I’m too old to make a 16 mile round trip hike with my canoe.

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