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Phil Brown edited the Adirondack Explorer from 1999 until his retirement in 2018. He continues to explore the park and to write for the publication and website.

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  1. Chris Morris says

    Fantastic stuff. Apparently there’s a man in the Massena area who has taken plaster imprints of tracks he says belong to a mountain lion. I’d LOVE to get a hold of him and take a look for myself…

  2. Helen Crisa says

    I know for a fact there have been BIG mount.lions in this area for at least 20 years.Saw a beautiful huge male that was lying dead on the side of a small road in Easton, PA.,killed by a car. The second was on my porch during ” the winter from hell”-2014-15, the worst winter in history in CAYUGA COUNTY.I live in the little hamlet of Genoa, on STATE RTE. 90.Found HUGE footprints & pee ALL over my bags of wood pellets.My ROTTWEILER found where it had jumped into the yard over the railing.I called the EPA in Albany and asked if cougar were ever reported in my area SHE said one had been killed 2weeks ago by a car in Connecticut not more than 200 miles from here! A friend who lives nearby and is a bowhunter, spent the night in a tree when a pack of COYOTES and the cat were fighting over his KILL.He only had his bow, no pistol.By the way, Easton, PA.is straight south on Rt.81.I have a huge ravine in the back of my property steps away from my porch.They are ambush points for cougar.He stayed in this area for a while because my 145lb. Rotty would let out the worst growl and all his hairy would stick straight up.For anybody who might be interested,last Aug around the 15th or so,I saw two SASQUATCH come running from the back of my neighbor’s yard at around 6:15_6:30a.m. I reported this to the Moravia detectives . Bigfoot use ravines for travel and ambush points,TOO.Had an Arctic fox trotting past my house too! It’s like WILD KINGDOM up here…..!I gotta get a shotgun! lol!

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