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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Question about Slant Rock

We received the e-mail below this afternoon. Since I have never camped at Slant Rock, I cannot help the writer. Does anyone know the answer?

“I was hiking in the Adirondacks with several friends two weeks ago. We stayed two nights at Slant Rock lean to on the trail from the garden trailhead in Keene Valley past Johns Brook Lodge toward Basin Mountain. During and after the hike we were and are all engaged in a raging debate about which way the front of the Slant Rock Lean-to faces and what mountain it looks directly across at. Can you clear this up for me?”

Phil Brown

Contributor Phil Brown was editor of the Adirondack Explorer from 1999-2018. When he isn't at his desk, he's usually out hiking, paddling, skiing, or doing something else important.

3 Responses

  1. Tyler (ADK88) says:

    It faces South, more or less, and looks almost directly at Basin Mountain (a little bit Southeast). I could see somebody thinking that they were looking at Saddleback if they just judged by the map. Point Balk on the shoulder of Little Marcy is also visible towards Southwest.

    You guys didn’t have a compass?

    Oh, and here is a video from Slant Rock that I found. You can see Basin though the trees, and if you hike the .1 or so miles up to the lean-to, you get a much better view of it.


  2. Lou Silver says:

    We had a compass a GPS and the trail map but never dug it out since we weren’t doing any trailess stuff. Pretty silly not to have.



  3. Tyler (ADK88) says:

    Ok, that makes sense. I can’t say that I use a compass when I hike on trails either 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your winter!

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