Lake Placid Region Picks Up 7-10 Inches of Snow.

A view of the woods after last night's snowfall. Photo by Phil Brown.
A view of the woods after last night’s snowfall. Photo by Phil Brown.

Although schools were closed, today was not a snow day at the Adirondack Explorer. We are busy working on our March-April issue. However, I did manage to get out on my lunch hour for a short ski. I climbed most of the way up a small peak on the edge of town and skied back down through the woods in fresh, deep powder.

I had skied the same route a few days earlier and found the cover a little thin. Today, however, there was so much snow that it was difficult to pick up momentum. That’s OK … as long as there is enough snow to bury all the logs. Now that it’s tracked out, the route should be perfect. Skiing should be sweet throughout the region this holiday weekend.

The video shows the final four and a half minutes of my run. I admit it’s not very exciting, but I don’t have time to edit it. It gets funky at the end. The camera was strapped to my chest, and I was shooting through a narrow corridor between trees. Anyway, you should be able to see how much snow we got.

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