DEC reopens trail to Panther Gorge

The state has reopened the trail from Elk Lake to Panther Gorge but warns that hikers still may encounter blowdown.

The 10.2-mile route leads from the private Elk Lake to Four Corners, a trail junction that lies amid Mount Haystack, Mount Skylight, and Mount Marcy. The trail had been closed since August 29, the day after Tropical Storm Irene roared through the High Peaks.

Several trails remain closed. The following list of closed trails is a news release issued by the state Department of Environmental Conservation:

  • Adirondack Mountain Reserve Trails:
    • The first (northernmost) two cross over trails between the East River Trail and the West River Trail. NOTE: The other three cross over trails and bridges are open and must be used to travel between the East River and West River Trails.
    • Warden’s Camp to Sawteeth Trail
    • Carry Trail
    • Warden’s Camp to Haystack Trail
    • Haystack Brook Trail
  • The Deer Brook Trail from Route 73 to Rooster Comb
  • The Southside Trail from the Garden Trailhead to John’s Brook Outpost
  • The Cold Brook Trail between Lake Colden and Indian Pass.

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