Farmer still angry at APA

This week I was forwarded some heated e-mails written by Sandy Lewis, the outspoken owner of a large farm in Essex County, and his antagonist at the Adirondack Park Agency, lawyer Paul Van Cott.

Lewis has been vociferous in his disdain for the APA. He sued them and won after the agency contended he needed a permit to build worker housing on his organic farm in the Champlain Valley.

In one e-mail, Lewis says the APA needs an overhaul and questions Van Cott’s competency. In a reply, Van Cott writes. among other things: “Mr. Lewis, you are a sociopath. Please shut up.”

For more on the e-mails, read Essex County farmer strikes a nerve,” posted by Brian Mann of North Country Public Radio.

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  1. Jim Mculley says

    My favorite from Van Cott was “Dig a hole milk a cow go farm.” Van Cott has to learn what the ignore is for. LOL

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