Adirondack Moose Caught On Candid Camera

A trail camera photographed this young moose near Otter Lake. Photo courtesy of Joshua Bader.

It seems that photos of moose are becoming more common with the return of these magnificent creatures to the Adirondacks.

Last week, Jeff Nadler, a professional photographer, sent us a shot of a young moose he took near Great Sacandaga Lake in the southern Adirondacks.

Today I’m sharing a photo of another young moose taken by a trail camera near Otter Lake in the southwestern Adirondacks.

Joshua Bader set up two trail cameras just a few weeks ago on his property at a “pinch point” between a pond and a big marsh. Evidently, it’s a busy pathway for wildlife, as he already has photos of the moose and a black bear.

The moose photo was taken July 21. When Bader first glanced at the photo, he assumed it was a deer. Then he zoomed in.

“I’m like, ‘Holy cow! It’s a moose!’”

The black bear photo was taken the day before.

Black bear on the move near Otter Lake. Photo courtesy of Joshua Bader.


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