Champlain Bridge’s demolition

The Champlain Bridge after its demolition. Photos by Seth Lang.
The Champlain Bridge after its demolition. Photos by Seth Lang.

Seth Lang was part of the media horde that showed up Monday morning to watch the demolition of the Champlain Bridge. But the event held a special poignance for Seth, who grew up in Crown Point, just five miles from the bridge.

“I can’t help but feel saddened by the loss of our bridge,” he says. “Having witnessed the demolition first-hand it was overwhelming for me personally.”

Seth, who is twenty-seven, was taking photos for the Adirondack Explorer, two of which are shown here. The dismal weather was far from ideal for photography, but his shots are as good as any I’ve seen. His video can be seen here: Demolition video.

Like other residents of Crown Point, Seth hopes the bridge will be replaced as soon as possible. “Those who need the bridge for business and transportation to and from work have lost the most,” he says. “Having to put in two to three extra hours per day in travel time has made this entire situation disheartening.”

The eighty-year-old bridge—which once boasted a sculpture byRodin—connected Crown Point to Vermont. A recent article in the New York Times describes the hardship caused by the loss of the bridge.


The bridge at the moment of detonation.
The bridge at the moment of detonation.

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  1. YVONNE LANG says

    The best pictures I’ve seen. I wanted to see the aftermath and the video is as good as the videos on national TV.

  2. Odin Brudie says

    As a life-long Alaskan, and adopted son of Crown Point, I remember when the price of crossing the bridge went up to a quarter. As I recall, rather than raising the toll much higher, they decided the toll wasn’t worth it and they stopped collecting. We have a similar bridge here in Juneau Alaska. When you go over the summit of the arch of the bridge and see the view, you breath a sigh…even when you cross it every day. In appreciation of that Champlain view, we give a nod to Port Henry. Thanks Seth.

  3. Cody Putnam says

    Great job, glad we got to experience it first hand, we were one of the few Crown Pointers to see it go down, and the only people with a view from that angle. Sad to see it go though.

  4. kvetch says

    Whose stupid idea was this? They could have dismantled the bridge piece by piece, and recycled what they could, instead of dumping all of the crap in the lake. Besides, why haven’t they already started building a replacement bridge? They have the rights of way, it should have already begun, right next to this one.

  5. Deeann Krugman says

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