Turn off gadgets; go outside

Lou Curth’s concern that children are no longer interested in nature is cause for enormous worry [“Rangers do more than search,” May/June 2012]. It’s yet another indication that personal computers are threatening to take over and we humans are becoming subservient.

Habitat for Humanity has a thrift shop here in Pittsboro, North Carolina. I asked a volunteer salesperson how it was to work for this store that helps house the less fortunate and went on to ask if Jimmy Carter was still involved. He said, “Who is Jimmy Carter?” I said, “You know, our president, the one that served before Ronald Reagan.” He again asked, “Who is that?” This teenager, probably over sixteen years of age, was totally ignorant of who these men were. Yet, we can rest assured that he was a wizard on his iPod and likely a litany of other electronic gadgets.

Most readers have had the “opportunity” to witness young people sitting in a corner, totally tuned out, and plugged into the cyber world.
History and geography are no longer. Nature is for nerds.

Heaven help us.

Gary Randorf, Pittsboro, NC

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