No need for more land restrictions

In regard to “The future of open space” [July/August, 2012]:
In the 1920s and 1930s, the discussion was that there should be approximately a 50-50 split between state ownership and private ownership. Now, according to the Department of Environmental Conservation, the state owns 2,790,000 acres and an additional 758,000 acres of land are under conservation easements. This means that as of now 59 percent of the Adirondack Park will never be developed. The state pays $60 million to $70 million in taxes on its land.

The green groups want the state to purchase more land and easements. People such as George Davis and Bob Glennon also advocate reducing the allowable building units in the so-called backcountry.

Open space in the Adirondack Park is adequately protected by state ownership and the present development restrictions on the so-called backcountry. Enough is enough.

Richard Nason, Glens Falls

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