New Canoe Area campsites stink

As I plan for my annual canoeing week in the Adirondacks, I realize I haven’t seen any debate in the Explorer about relocated campsites in the St. Regis Canoe Area.
Frankly, all of the new sites that I checked out last year in the Canoe Area were terrible, particularly on St. Regis Pond, where we checked out every new designated campsite. The landings were rocky and rough and the designated tent sites too small and uneven for even the smallest of tents. Long Pond wasn’t much better.

But what particularly incensed us, given that the changes were supposed to restore the wilderness, were the methods used to block off the old sites. Large holes were dug and filled with logs, rocks, and brush. While I suppose these are all natural materials, they sure weren’t put there by glaciers.

Two years ago we stayed on Little Tupper Lake, where I understand the tent sites had also been recently located. Not every site on Little Tupper was appealing, but we found several flat and usable sites there.
I love my canoeing adventures in the Adirondacks, but if I can’t find some place to camp at night, I won’t be going. I think the Wilderness designation is going a bit too far in preventing enjoyment.

Steve Siegert, Freeville

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