Hiker Found Dead on OK Slip Falls Trail

Forest rangers found the body of a missing hiker Friday on the OK Slip Falls Trail, which is located off from State Route 28 in Indian Lake, according to state police.

The hiker was identified as 67-year-old Thomas J. Ullman of New Haven Connecticut.  A state police investigation revealed that Ullman left his seasonal residence in Olmstedville, New York, to hike OK Slip Falls Friday morning. At about 5:30 p.m., a family member reported to the New York State Forest Rangers that he never returned from his hike.

Ullman’s body was removed from the trail by forest rangers and brought to the trail head where Hamilton County Coroner Virginia Jennings pronounced Ullman deceased. Ullman’s body was then transported to the Albany Medical Center where an autopsy will be performed today.

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  1. Yolanda Ferrero says

    Need to talk to someone regarding my experience hiking this trail to Slip Falls. Very important! My partner and I are seniors. Entered trail at 1pm, hoked to falls. On way back to exit, got lost. Finally found exit at 7 pm, severe thunderstorm, in the dark. She thought we were going to die!

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