Essex Chain Biking

By Phil Brown

Here’s one suggestion for a shorter bike trip that takes in most of the scenic highlights.

Deer Pond. From the Deer Pond parking area, ride 0.2 miles to the carry trail to Deer Pond on the right. Dismount and walk a few yards to the north shore of Deer Pond. Alternatively, continue biking on the road a bit farther to a large outhouse on the right. A trail leads from there to a campsite and small dock on the east end of the pond.

Third Lake. Continue on the road to the next intersection, then turn right and go 5.5 miles to the carry trail to Third Lake on the left. Dismount and walk a tenth of a mile or so to the lake’s north shore.

Fourth and Fifth lakes. Return to the intersection. Turn right and go 1.3 miles to the culvert between Fourth and Fifth. Enjoy open views of both lakes.

Jackson Pond. From the two lakes, continue on the same road to a T-intersection. Turn left and go 0.5 miles to a side road on the right. Take this 0.5 miles to Jackson Pond.

If you want more exercise, you can extend the trip by biking the Deer Pond loop (see map).

These shorter trips do not include the Hudson River, but you can visit the Hudson on a second outing: drive to the kiosk mentioned in the main story, then walk or bike a quarter-mile to the Polaris Bridge (see map).


DIRECTIONS: From NY 28N in Newcomb, turn south on Pine Tree Road (a short loop road just west of “downtown”), then turn south onto Goodnow Flow Road. Go 4.3 miles on Goodnow Flow Road to a junction with Woody’s Road. Turn right onto Woody’s Road and go 1.5 miles to Cornell Road. Bear left and go another 4.4 miles to the parking area. After the turn onto Woody’s Road, most of the driving will be on dirt roads. The roads are often rocky. A high-clearance vehicle is recommended.

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