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This winter, I visited the St. Regis Fire Tower in Paul Smiths with Doug Fitzgerald, who is co-chair of Friends of St. Regis Mountain Fire Tower. The highlight of the trip – which included skiing and snowshoeing – was being on the frosty summit, where the trees and fire tower were covered in a layer of snow and ice. It was extremely scenic and photogenic.

This type of experience is one of the main reasons I live in the Adirondacks. I love to get outside, explore, and experience the natural world firsthand. Often, I try to capture the moments with photographs. That’s one of the best parts of being a photographer at a place like the Explorer: getting assignments in the scenic backcountry.

However, many of those photographs that I take while on assignment often find themselves filed away in folders, never finding themselves into the public eye, because we only need a few for the magazine. That will now change. Through this blog, Viewfinder, many of these “extra” images and videos will now be posted in slideshows shortly after the assignment is finished, giving the reader a deeper visual understanding of the experience.  The blog will also contain timely images and videos of issues, events, and seasonal changes.

For this first blog, I’ve selected some photos from the past couple of years. Enjoy the images and check back soon. The next installment will be posted soon.



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