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  1. Richard Sills says


    I believe you missed a critical point. NYS and especially Whiteface and Gore are way behind the times. We used to come to the Adirondacks from NYC at least 20-25 days a winter to backcountry ski. Now we go to Vermont because we always have the alternative if the snow conditions or depth are a problem or if there is an unexpected rain, we can uphill ski any time during day hours (and often at night) at Pico, Killington, Jay, Mount Snow, Bromley, Stratton, Burke, and Magic Mountain. It costs $20 per YEAR at Pico, Killington and Bromley and is simply free as long as you sign a waiver at most of the others. It means I can spend 4 hours and manage 4000 feet of ascent by doing two runs at Pico/Killington/Jay or Burke. They all have specific routes to climb up (usually multiple ones) and you can come down whatever you like. And you don’t get up at 6 AM and do it in the dark which I am sure is more dangerous than doing it during the day. Why can’t NYS areas figure this out. In the interim, until they do we spend a good deal of money in Vermont that would have been otherwise happily spent in our home state.


  2. Mike says

    Why does NYS find it so difficult to find a solution for uphill travel? Uphill travel any time like many ski areas in Vermont. I think NYS is over cautious and thinking about liability in the wrong vein. Are uphill skiers more dangerous than someone stopped on the slope??

  3. Empire Status Quo says

    I’m actually shocked the Whiteface let’s you do this at all even if in only during this ridiculous window. NY is a police state run by corrupt politicians, lawyers, and cops. The intent is for the citizenry to live in constant fear of threats real and perceived. Also disheartening that backcountry skiing now relies on artificial snowmaking.

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